Thursday, December 19, 2013


- Bishop Hill blog - Tax-funded recessionmongers
when we are in danger of the lights going out, it seems almost criminal for the government to be paying for a bunch of unreconstructed teen revolutionaries to fly from all corners of the globe to talk about how to make things worse.

And I'm not being sarcastic here. These people want permanent recession.
EPA, Climatology And The Courts: The Issue is Corrupted, Not Poor Science. | Watts Up With That?
The EPA chose the results of the IPCC for a political agenda. If they knew the results were wrong then their action was a deliberate deception. They can’t argue, like the Courts, that they don’t understand the science – it is their job to understand. If they didn’t know they are incompetent. What a wonderful irony to have the EPA political agenda defeated by the corrupt practices used to advance the IPCC political agenda.
Greenpeace vows incarceration will not stop Arctic oil campaign | Environment | The Guardian
We haven't thought through whether we should confront Gazprom or Russia again
The Fatal Lure of Assumed Linearity | Watts Up With That?
Bottom line? The climate isn’t linear, never was … and succumbing to the fatal lure of assumed linearity has set the field of climate science back by decades.

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