Monday, December 02, 2013


Climate Change Plans of Britain are 'staggeringly costly and excessive': Study | French Tribune
Benny Peiser, the foundation's director, who compiled the report, said, "The public has absolutely no idea how staggeringly costly and excessive the Government's climate initiatives are. Even we were shocked when we discovered the astronomical funding streams and added them up".

Approximately, £135,000 every year is spent by local authorities on climate-change officers
AVERY: Dreading the inevitable global cooling - Washington Times
The darkest chapter for Iberia occurred during the Little Ice Age, after 1300 A.D. Crops again failed repeatedly, people burned “witches” who had supposedly cursed their farms, and the Spanish Inquisition arose to persecute “heretics,” many of them Jews or Muslims who had publicly converted to Christianity. The bubonic plague spread and became known as the Black Death. Ultimately, Christian armies finally conquered Cordoba and the last of the Moors in 1614.

Fortunately, we’ve had no “little ice age” since 1850. Inevitably, however, another one will test our mettle sometime during the coming centuries. We should be happy to be living in a period of relative warmth, and we should not fear the continuation and mild increase of that warmth.
Global warming at work: how climate change affects the economy and labour | Toronto Star
Alex White, a board member of Greenpeace Australia Pacific and the Wilderness Society (Victoria), says emergency workers such as firefighters, police officers and paramedics face genuine dangers in a warming climate.
In New Jersey Pines, Trouble Arrives on Six Legs -
[Another pine beetle sob story from Justin Gillis] Scientists say it is a striking example of the way seemingly small climatic changes are disturbing the balance of nature.

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Nature cycles to extremes; balance of nature is ignorance.