Monday, December 16, 2013


Podesta Will Peddle Green Agenda | National Review Online
The relationship between Tom Steyer and John Podesta is longstanding.
In my imaginary world the Washington press corps would find it provocative and worthy of investigation that an adviser, colleague, intellectual guru, and fixer for one of the country’s most powerful men had landed a job within earshot of the president of the United States. But one has to face the reality that John Podesta has transcended the day-to-day understanding of the phrase “conflict of interest,” and so embodies the contradictions and self-dealing and ambition of the nation’s capital that the normal journalistic reflexes of curiosity and skepticism are rather sublimated. His position at the apex of the D.C. nonprofit heap insulates him from scrutiny because the knee-jerk literalism of political enthusiasts often equates “nonprofit” with a lack of profit motive or avarice. Not so.
Rocky Barker: The wildfire journey from Yellowstone, 1988 | Environment |
It was the signal fire of climate change, only we couldn’t really see it until we looked back.
Australia ‘To Be An Energy Superpower’ By Mid 2017 | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
Morgan Stanley report predicts that gas exports will help country eliminate its current account deficit for the first time in four decades

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