Monday, December 09, 2013


Swarthmore Police Going Green, Thanks to Engineering Professor and Sophomore Student | Daily Gazette
Mayor of Swarthmore Rick Lowe approached Everbach in 2010 with the idea to outfit a Swarthmore police car with solar panels...When Lowe approached President Rebecca Chopp last April to propose the project, she agreed to devote $5,000 to fund the initiative...the only mishap that has occurred since the first panels were installed this past summer has been a manufacturing malfunction in one panel that caused the system to short and begin smoking
Why have scientists stopped doing science? – Telegraph Blogs
[Delingpole] When they see me in the flesh and hear what I've got to say, I think they feel a bit disappointed – not least because they realise that I believe in many the same things they do: stuff like empiricism, integrity, evidence, rigour and the scientific method. What they usually can't quite bring themselves to believe though is that I might actually be right.

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