Thursday, December 12, 2013


Sorry Climate Change Skeptics: Arctic Melting Trend Continues Despite Milder Year
"This is simply natural variability," said National Snow and Ice Data Center director Mark Serreze, who wasn't part of the NOAA report but praised it. "There is nothing about the year 2013 that provides any evidence that the Arctic is starting a path toward recovery."
Why Climate Change Could Create a Mental Health Crisis | Care2 Causes
At 6 am on Tuesday, my phone rang and an automated voice announced that my son’s autism school was closed all day due to “inclement weather.” It’s not unusual for it to snow in December in New Jersey but, as a result of climate change, the past few winters have been for the most part mild with only a snowstorm or two. We, and quite a few New Jerseyans, have gotten out of the habit of numerous snow days. For Charlie, who (like many autistic individuals) struggles with change, an unexpected day off from school is an anxiety-creating disruption.
The dark side of the West’s oil and gas boom
Oil production in North Dakota has now jumped eight-fold since 2006, to a level undreamed of in the 1980s
James Hansen Calls for the Light That Only Science Can Provide | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
Perhaps no one in the world speaks with more authority about climate change than Hansen


Anonymous said...

Re: The dark side of the West’s oil and gas boom.

I didn't read the entire article and so maybe it mentioned this, but wouldn't the same negative things happen to a small town if a boom was created by a green energy company?

papertiger said...

isn't Mark (Serreze) the guy who predicted the Arctic would be ice free (summer) by 2013?

When you are fully confident, nothing shows it quite like hiding behind Arriana Huffington's skirt.

Being as often wrong as Mark Serreze should carry a penalty. Like the other Huffingtons are saying "nothing cures the Arctic better than taxing the rich." Nothing would dry up Serreze faster than taxing the wrong.