Friday, December 06, 2013


We are all of this Earth, and, save for an apocalyptic few, we all want to preserve it. Why, then, have the rational and pragmatic allowed the basic concept of caring for our planet to be hijacked by the functioning contradiction that is the Radical Opportunist?

One part hysteria, one part greed, with a liberal sprinkling of impracticality, the Radical Opportunist is a beast not to be underestimated. They are the crazy ex-girlfriend you don't remember dating. Anything they say can and will be used against you in their court of no appeals. Facts? No need. Opposing views? Who has the time? There is only enough space on their high horse for them to froth at the mouth and tell us all that we are all going to be under water in, ten...wait...fifteen years!
The Great Green Lie: CCS Today Is Not Like Scrubbers in the 1970s (Part II) — MasterResource
The technology is so nascent and expensive that no utility would undertake it absent generous government subsidies. In fact, the only CCS project in the U.S. to close the necessary financing was aided by $270 million in Energy Department direct grants, and another $170 million in tax credits from the I.R.S. Without these taxpayer handouts, the project would never have broken ground.
Tracking polar bears in the Beaufort Sea: November map | polarbearscience
That’s three out of ten polar bears leaving the Southern Beaufort subpopulation region over a few months, which seems like a lot of cross-boundary movement for such a small subsample. It’s probably not that unusual but illustrates one of the reasons why counting polar bears accurately can be a bit difficult.

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