Thursday, December 12, 2013


Harry Reid’s Green Energy Goldmine | Somewhat Reasonable
The White House and DOE insiders helped Reid secure green-energy stimulus funds for his home state of Nevada—which he touted in his 2010 campaign. He is tied to more than $3 billion of taxpayer money—currency that created just over 200 permanent jobs.
A New View of Warming from the Globe’s ‘Third Pole’ | The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media
SAN FRANCISCO, CA., DEC. 11, 2013 — Carbon dioxide is the major culprit everyone talks about when it comes to the globe’s warming climate. But water vapor is a potent greenhouse gas too. In fact, the climate in the tropics is largely mediated by water vapor. | Cold weather, strong winds hamper travel
Several parts of Greece were covered in snow on Wednesday
Farmers burn hay to keep frost from damaging crops | The Desert Sun |
With temperatures dropping to a record low of 21 degrees in Thermal early Tuesday and a still-freezing 27 early Wednesday — the third straight night of sub-30 temperatures to hit the east valley — farmers are in full battle mode against the freeze.

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