Saturday, December 07, 2013


Australian Broadcasting Corporation spins the facts giving a false impression of the time the Antarctic ship “Aurora Australis” was delayed by sea ice
The ABC article – Aurora Australis returns – says, “The Antarctic ship, Aurora Australis, has sailed into Hobart after spending days stuck in ice.” Days ? – try 21 days.
Similar to Australia in 2005-06 – large grid box in southern Africa shows huge warming departure in UAH lower tropsphere satellite temperature anomalies compared to RSS | Errors in IPCC climate science

Warming departure in UAH lower troposphere satellite temperatures compared to RSS over the period 2005-2006 | Errors in IPCC climate science
I have heard from UAH that the differences are due to a combination of diurnal corrections, the changing satellite mix and natural differences between surface and lower troposphere.
Thank goodness we don't have to worry about all this stuff when calculating global temperature for 1013 by trying to use tree rings as thermometers.

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