Friday, December 06, 2013


Skeptic: Feds' latest global-warming report a 'shill' for funding - Climate Change Dispatch
The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) examined warming that can occur over a period of years, not centuries, adding that the extinction of some species and melting ice in the Arctic Ocean is already occurring. Even so, Marc Morano of Climate Depot is skeptical.

"The organization [NAS] is virtually 100-percent dependent on government funding. So when they do a study like this – and they've done other studies in the past – you know the outcome of these studies before they do them," he argues. "When the president is advocating for a carbon tax, it's not too surprising that all the [government] reports are going to fall in line."

Morano says what shocks him the most about this report is that it "openly shills for more climate funding for its members."
Art Horn: Extortion Attempts Continue At Climate Doom Conference
To paraphrase Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunningham “You can’t reason with someone who believes in man made global warming because reason has nothing to do with how they arrived at their belief.” The real reason behind man made global warming is to extort money from the developed world. The extortionist is the United Nations. Its troops on the ground to achieve this is the IPCC

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