Monday, December 30, 2013


IPCC “science” on sea-levels dumped by an Australian State Government « JoNova
It’s just another day on the road back to reality.

The New South Wales state government in Australia has announced it will tell its local councils that not only are they not bound by the IPCC sea-level predictions, they must do their own research on their own beaches. It’s the polite way of saying that no one believes the IPCC predictions anymore, worse, that they are so sure the IPCC is wrong that councils have to get different advice. For the IPCC it’s just one more signpost on the path to oblivion.
Greenpeace and Arctic oil: Both becoming irrelevant.
The success of the shale oil revolution in the US is causing such rapid changes in the world oil industry that few people outside of the industry are aware of them. Essentially, the stunning success of US shale oil makes the Arctic irrelevant.

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