Saturday, December 28, 2013


Brutally cold weather on the way for much of U.S. and Canada
Some major cities in Canada have a chance at reaching all-time record lows, provided the right conditions occur, including Montreal, Quebec City and Ottawa, Ontario.
Lesson for UP bureaucrats: Yes, people do die of cold. Here is how - Indian Express
This is in response to UP principal secretary (home) A K Gupta's comment that nobody dies of cold.
▶ Climate Change! N.Z. expedition trapped in Antarchtic ice, ice breaker too - YouTube
You can't make this stuff up.
Leading German Daily: “Also The Ice Breaker Gets Stuck!” Unable To Rescue Global-Warming Boatpeople From Sea Ice
The trapped boatpeople better start hoping for a little luck. Conditions down there are unpredictable and can get nasty quickly. One bad storm could spell serious delays and a lots of trouble. Moreover, expect the costs of the rescue efforts to run up into the millions.

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