Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Doubting is thinking: My email to Tesla Motors
-In California, the number of Zero Emission Vehcile (ZEV) credits earned by a Model S was increased in late 2012. The rationale for the increase was the car's ability to do a battery swap. With a sales mix consisting 90% of the 85KWh version, over 40% of ZEV credits Tesla gets will come because of the battery swap. How can this be, if no battery swap station has been built and their opening is months away at best?
IPCC spin translated – the leaked Synopsis admits 97% of models fail « JoNova
Translated: This is what 95% certainty looks like: 97% of our models are wrong. (See also here). We blame that on unpredictable stuff that goes on inside the climate. Maybe we are also incorrect on solar, volcanic and dust too.
Low temperature records shattered across western United States
Ely, Nevada: Record low of -17F on Wednesday crushed the old record of -5F.

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