Saturday, December 07, 2013


Global Warming Alarmist Trashes His Own Poll Of Meteorologists Showing No Climate Crisis - Forbes
Now that Stenhouse doesn’t like the survey results, he trashes AMS meteorologists’ ability to hold informed opinions on global warming, even as Stenhouse publishes the results of his study in an AMS-administered journal.
Texas: Roof collapses at Sherman bowling Alley
It appears to be a result of the snow and ice build up, Brown said.
Justice giant: Remembering Mandela and his fight for climate justice | Grist
He was fully aware of how global warming had already been causing havoc on his continent, destroying through oppressive heat what Europeans hadn’t already decimated through the oppressive regimes of slavery, colonization, and apartheid.
Turns out community gardens are basically Fight Club | Grist
the point is, community gardens are fertile beds of strife. As Julie Beals of the LACGC put it to ModFarm: “People have this idea, because it’s a ‘community’ garden, you’ll have a bunch of people sitting around holding hands, singing ‘Kumbaya.’ Have you seen an actual community?”

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