Sunday, December 01, 2013

NYT: Fred Andrews claims "established science that global warming is real and ominous"

‘Climate Casino’ - An Overview of Global Warming -
[William Nordhaus]  “But it is also a reminder that we will be leaving our grandchildren a more productive economy alongside a degraded climate.”
...he warns that Mother Nature may play her hand in a way that upends logical forecasts and leads to global disaster.
...he has no patience with the few “contrarian” scientists and numerous political figures who contest the established science that global warming is real and ominous.


Anonymous said...

The article by Andrews is a review of a book entitled the Climate Casino..." by the economist william Nordhouse in which he proposes multibillion dollar effort to prevent the CO2 generated from the combustion of fossil fuels from being emitted into the atmosphere. The justification is based on two assumptions: first, that the observed recent increases in CO2 are caused by those human emissions, and second, that the increases are causing dangerous "global warming/climate change". Both of those assumptions have been proven to be false. The Earth's oceans contain fifty times more CO2 than is present in the atmosphere: warm oceans emit CO2 and cold oceans absorb it. Other sources and sinks include photosynthesis, vegetative decay, forest fires, volcanoes, and weathering of limestone. In any case, recent increases of atmospheric CO2 are coming mainly from the equatorial oceans and human emissions dissolve rapidly in the colder, higher latitude oceans. Human emission is insignificant in the total balance. Data show marked changes in CO2 from natural sources and sinks long before there was any human emission.
Our common experience with hurricanes, tornadoes thunderstorms, blizzards, floods, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions should lead to the common sense conclusion that weather and climate are controlled by natural laws on an enormous scale that dwarf human activity. Those laws engender forces and motions in our atmosphere and oceans that are beyond human control. Weather and climate existed long before humans appeared on Earth, and will continue to exist in the same way long after we are gone. While the presence of 0.04 % of CO2 in our atmosphere is essential for life in the biosphere, the notion that such a minor constituent of the atmosphere can control the above forces and motions, is absurd. There is, in fact, not one iota of reliable evidence that it does.
Why then would you waste billions of dollars to "capture carbon" when the cold oceans already do it effectively, and for free!
Nordhaus apparently has no patience with the few "contrarians" like me who "contest the established science that global warming is real and ominous". Half baked computer models on which that "established science" is based have been proven to be wrong. They are as unreliable as the econometric models on which much of the predictions of economists are based. Combining the global warming models with the econometric ones as he does in the book is adding insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

The climate obsessed are getting kookier and kookier by the day. Yet they still get forums like the NYT to repeat their nonsense.