Sunday, January 05, 2014


THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: Fossil Fuels to the Rescue in Antarctica
Thanks to modern technology, those stranded researchers didn't meet a fate that has befallen others.
Snow Trolling by Drudge? Or Journalistic Equal Time? « Roy Spencer, PhD
Clearly, interest in weather has been going up; interest in climate has been going down. I wonder why?

If heat waves and droughts really were getting worse, wouldn’t internet search traffic on climate issues be going up? Hmmm? Or was the climate change issue oversold, and now climate fatigue has set in?
Who is behind the ship of fools? » Spectator Blogs
Another question that needs to be asked about Turney’s expedition is how come the only journalists aboard are from the Guardian, which has sent two reporters, the BBC and Radio New Zealand – all eager mouthpieces of the global warming lobby. I would be fascinated to know if anyone else was invited.

The timing of the publication of a paper by Turney’s current employer, the University of New South Wales, is also fascinating. That appeared in Nature on 1 January, claiming that current climate models under-estimate the level of warming, which could reach 4C by 2100.

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