Friday, January 03, 2014


Lack of accountability clouding the climate change debate
The world's so-called authority on climate change engages in exaggerated science and has become a political tool.
Do What I Say, Not as I Do: MSNBC Global Warming Edition - Amy Ridenour's National Center Blog - A Conservative Blog
Hayes has linked CAGW to various droughts and high temperature readings in selected locations and even the lack of snow at the 2013 Iditarod
The Solar Swindle | Somewhat Reasonable
Solar electricity is expensive and impractical. If it weren’t for government subsidies, some explicit and some disguised, the solar industry would collapse. The many claims of competitiveness are always based on ignoring subsidies provided to politically correct renewable power, ignoring the costs associated with unreliability, and ignoring the cost of backup fossil fuel plants.
Maryland’s Greens Following In Germany’s Footsteps - The American Interest
Why would a US state want to pick up with similar policies just at the moment that Europe is trying to retreat from them, especially when the US has capitalized so much more effectively on the shale revolution than Europe has? Maryland ought to learn from the European experience, and stop trying to prop up nascent technologies before it does even more harm to its most vulnerable citizens.

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