Monday, February 03, 2014

Ban Ki-moon selects Bloomberg as cities and climate change envoy

Ban Ki-moon selects Bloomberg as cities and climate change envoy: "“Cities are on the frontline because federal, national and international organisations aren’t doing anything,” he said.

“They either deny that the world is changing or they say that it’s not changing so fast that we should do anything about it but all of the scientific information that we have and the empirical evidence that we see … these are things that somebody’s got to worry about.”"


Anonymous said...

A global warming envoy with his own jet plane.

Doug Proctor said...

This is good: someone important is saying that the national governments aren't doing anything wrt climate change (which we would disagree with, but ...).

When the prophets turn on their acolytes and priests, the religious fundamentalism has reached its end. Real-world accommodation, the devil's work of any religion, has set in.

Nobody says we shouldn't be "kind" to the planet. Just that we have to be reasonable as well as responsible, and admit that preservatism has its limits. Things are to be used.