Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blame CO2? Feb. daytime temperatures avg. 46F at Winter Olympics locations this millennium

Freezing Sochi: how Russia turned a subtropical beach into a Winter Olympics wonderland | The Verge: "The mechanics of climate change mean that polar regions are warming much faster than those at the equator. The February daytime temperature of Winter Games locations averaged out at 32.7 F between the 1920-'50s, but have soared to 46.0 F at Olympics held this millennium. "


Bill Yarber said...

Location, location, location

Anonymous said...

The writer should have researched the temsp at the Olympic venues.

Vancouver avg Feb temp = 8 deg C
Torino = 9.5 deg C
Salt Lake = 43 deg F
Sochi = 10 Deg C

Convert and average, and I get 47.13 deg F average historical temps. The writer said the recorded temps averaged 46.

In other words, he just showed that the Olympic sites are COOLING!

What a nimrod.

Like Bill said...if its a warm site, expect warm Olympics.

papertiger said...

according to the wiki, the 1928 olympics in St. Moritz, which is definitely an alpine climate, was plagued by warm weather conditions throughout the games. Marquee events were scrubbed due to lack of ice.

In 1932, Lake Placid didn't get any snow until well into January, holding up the games, causing economic hardship for the atheletes.

If there had been global warming propagandists at that time, they would have had plenty of fodder to push the agenda.

Of course, during the 1928 and 1932 Olympics, the world was in a deep freeze, much colder than the "imaginary" 60's pause, according to Phil Jones and Jim Hansen.
GISS AND HADCRUT: 1919-present