Sunday, April 27, 2014

Survey: Research on climate blogs

Survey: Research on climate blogs | Shub Niggurath Climate


Anonymous said...

Tom, I visit your site regularly, mostly because you used to put out info on what the warmist are doing and to the counter that. It’s been lacking lately. If the twitter thing is the blame for that then so be it, but don’t ignore what got you there. The warmist may have taken their views to twitter and it needs to be engaged there but twitter is limited to what you can say and back up with in your face info. But hey, that is Me opinion on it, do what you will. I’d like you to continue doing what you were doing here as well.
And thanks for what you have already done.

Anonymous said...

Thanks over the years, Tom, I very much used your blog here as my source for news articles to post skeptical infographics to. Twitter is indeed the new frontier however.


Anonymous said...

The Galaxy-sunspots-climate connection finally revealed!
The huge electric galactic center-magnetar sends electricity to all the Milky-way [Eatough R. P. et al]. In our solar system, mostly Jupiter and secondly the other planets periodically divert a part of this electricity (that stimulates them) from its course to the Sun, causing him a solar minimum and to the Earth more atmospheric and magma stimulation: more thunderbolts [Gurevich A.] (even from CLEAR sky, without clouds), storms, quakes [Jain R.] and volcanic eruptions-clouding-glacials [Ebisuzaki et al], all AVERTABLE with proper MESHES [] over active craters and the equator, where from most electricity hits our planet.
The reason why the sunspot cycle is averagely 11 years is because the charge-discharge of Jupiter lasts as long as it takes him to evolve around the Sun and it depends on the other planets' positions [Wilson I. R. G.].