Wednesday, April 01, 2015

AGW may result in a larger new range for bald eagles: Interesting stuff from warmist Jonathan Franzen

The Other Cost of Climate Change - The New Yorker

[belief in AGW made] very grocery-store run a guilt trip...[because of AGW] North America’s avifauna may well become more diverse...[for bald eagles] melting of ice in Alaska and Canada may actually result in a larger new range..Climate change is everyone’s fault—in other words, no one’s. We can all feel good about deploring it
..Ten years ago, we were told that we had ten years to take the kind of drastic actions needed to prevent global temperatures from rising more than two degrees Celsius in this century. Today we hear, from some of the very same activists, that we still have ten years.
...Jamieson suggests that America’s inaction on climate change is the result of democracy
..Absent any indication of direct harm, what makes intuitive moral sense is to live the life I was given, be a good citizen, be kind to the people near me, and conserve as well as I reasonably can.


papertiger said...

I saw your tweet about Antarctica's Esperanza base recording the hottest day ever!!!1!

.@ClimateStore Love warmists desperately selling 63.5F in Argentina as Antarctica's "hottest" day ever
— Tom Nelson (@tan123) March 31, 2015

Ever wondered what would happen to nested tweets after a suspension?
The text is still there but marred by a retroactive removal of the twitter frame.

Anyhow Hope Bay is a protected historical site listed by the UN

63°24’S 56°59′ W, Northern most point of the Peninsula.

Same latitude as the High Coast/Kvarken Archipelago UNESCO World Heritage site of Finland.

Same latitude as Reykjavik Iceland.

So where are the trees?

papertiger said...

Awesome video about the Kvarken Archipelago of Finland.

Thousands of islands rising up out the the Gulf of Bothnia, where you can see the change over the span of one lifetime.