Saturday, April 04, 2015

Do NOT miss this: 90-sec video compilation of 1970s Ice Age scare reporting from ABC evening news

Glaciers Down to the Mason-Dixon Line!

40 Years of Media Hype for Climate Alarmists | Heartlander Magazine

"Warm periods like ours last only 10,000 years, but ours has already lasted 12,000. So if the rhythm is right, we are over-ready for a return of the ice,” Smith said in his comment on the January 18, 1977, ABC evening newscast.

He cited “experts like Reid Bryson” who based their worries on “cooler temperature readings in the Great Plains” and elsewhere and the “retreat of the heat-loving Armadillo from Nebraska to the southwest and to Mexico.” Bryson argued the return to an ice age had begun in 1945.

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