Monday, January 04, 2010

Global warming world tour cut short due to cold and heavy snowfall

He pedalled across the world to spread word on global warming- Hindustan Times
“I took a flight to Thailand from Mumbai and then travelled to Hong Kong, China, South Korea on my cycle. I took a boat to Japan, then took a flight to Germany and pedalled my way to Holland, Belgium, France and Spain,” said the 36-year-old general store owner.

“I returned to France, rode to Italy and then took a boat to Greece and finally reached Turkey on my cycle. Then I took a flight back home, reached Nagpur on December 19 and pedalled my way back home on Sunday around 4 pm.”
Though Khandekar had planned a 282-day trip, he had to cut short his trip due to extreme climatic conditions.

“While I was in Europe, there was heavy snowfall due to which I cancelled part of my trip. Though I had warm clothes on, there were times when my feet would be frozen,” he said.


Anonymous said...

of course, fly around the world, cycle a little, all in the name of climate change...let's put out the fire with gasoline....people are such morons......what was the carbon footprint of copenhagen?? fool, all of them

MasterofDisaster said...

putting out a fire with gasoline would only create more toxic, deadly, hazardous CO2.