Saturday, July 07, 2007

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Anonymous said...

There's only one thing sadder than an IBWO true believer and that's an IBWO researcher. It's like researching bigfoot. You can pontificate for ever and no one really cares but on the other hand no one stops you either.

Invisible Bird said...

That is a truly sad bit of commentary. No doubt after Bill Pulliam's "wing mechanics" "argument" is debunked (but who would waste their time?), Bill will invoke some other garbage ("light craft aerophysics" anyone?) and yet another goalpost will have been erected.

Collinson also asks one very silly question about IBWO "detectors":

Is it possible for so many people to be so wrong?

Uh, yeah, it's possible. There are millions of Hindus, Muslims and Christians on the planet. At least 2/3 of them are wrong, because they can't all be right.

If people can be wrong about something as important as the fate of their eternal soul, they can be surely be wrong about something as mundane as an extinct bird.

Anonymous said...

Collinson is just playing with Cyberthrush and Soggy Bill. He throws them a bone and reels them in, throws them a bone and reels them in, throws them....

Ahhh, you get the picture. Maybe he could shoot the rest of us and put us out of his misery.