Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Thank You, Sen. Orwell - Chris Horner - Planet Gore on National Review Online
The creepiest moment of the day at Gore's hearing in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee came when Sen. Ben Cardin (D., MD) called, in the context of any new international global warming treaty, for international "support for uniform scientific information so that we all are operating with the same set of facts."

Gulp. Boy, that actual scientific method is really proving inconvenient.
When the Lights, Go Down, in the Cit-ay - Chris Horner - Planet Gore on National Review Online
To wit, consider the closing Gore/Kerry colloquy in today's Foreign Relations Committee hearing, on how 884 U.S. cities support Kyoto being somehow evidence that Gore was wrong to not seek ratification for three years after agreeing to the treaty the Senate (yeah, most of that formulation didn't make it into the colloquy).

They've tried this for years, as the number grew, and my response remains the same:

Great. That's the best kind of Kyoto, the kind demanded by the vast majority of the world: voluntary, and you can vote the pols out of office and cut it out if they make it hurt.

You can't just change your mind and drop a treaty...
First it was Polar Bears Now It’s Penguins « The Air Vent
Listen to this translation - Well the models differ on forecasts of the future climate, we ignored the measured data but were certain this will happen. Please fund us.
Environmental Capital - : Gore Tour: Former VP Repeats Climate Call on the Hill
Parts of his remarks were literally cut-and-pasted from previous speeches, like the line about borrowing money from China to buy oil from the Persian Gulf to burn oil that threatens the planet.
Mr. Gore’s call to action on Wednesday was little different than what he’s been saying for years, and Team Obama—unlike the previous administration—is willing to listen. The big question is whether President Obama and Congress will be able to make it happen.

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