Tuesday, July 21, 2009

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so why is the act of denying global warming not considered to be a terrorist action? it's going to cause many more people to die than an ied
Climate [hoax] impact on U.S. farms bearable: Lawmaker | Green Business | Reuters
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The impact on U.S. farms and ranches from climate-change legislation will be bearable, partly because of the chance to earn money for controlling greenhouse gases, said the House Agriculture Committee chairman on Tuesday.

Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson, during a speech to American Soybean Association members, pointed to think-tank estimates the climate bill passed by the House would drive up crop production costs by 1.8 percent-4.6 percent in the near term.

"We don't want to increase your costs but it's not the end of the world," said Peterson. The bill was amended to put the Agriculture Department in charge of farm-sector activities to lock carbon into the soil.
A very pointed question recently asked in Britain's House of Commons
An email from the skeptical Peter Lilley ..., an economist and energy analyst who is also a member of Parliament on behalf of the Conservative party:

The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (Edward Miliband): "Today’s debate is held at an appropriate time — a week after the 17 countries of the Major Economies Forum met in L’Aquila in Italy and accepted the long-held scientific consensus that we should seek to prevent dangerous climate change above 2° C…"

Peter Lilley: "The average temperature in Cornwall is more than 2° C higher than the average temperature in the north-east of England. Is it really dangerous for someone to move from Newcastle to Cornwall? Would it be dangerous if the north-east of England became as warm as Cornwall? Would it be dangerous if Cornwall became as warm as the Loire valley? That is what a 2° C increase would involve."
Wow, Look at that Science | Climate Skeptic
I just cannot believe that your “best” argument is to get into this stupid scientist headcount scoreboard thing. Never has any argument had less to do with science than counting heads and degrees. Plenty of times the majority turns out to be correct, but on any number of issues lone wolfs have prevailed after decades of being reviled by the majority of scientists (plate tectonics theory comes to mind).

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