Friday, June 25, 2010

Are Senate Dems going to go for it on climate? | Grist
Of course, climate is no finance. There's nothing like the same public anger or demand for action. No senator yet fears opposing climate action. A more cynical Senate staffer told me that Reid's new ambition is a sign that all hope for passage has been abandoned and this has become a "message bill."
What do climate scientists think - and why does it matter? | Environment |
Attempts to portray the scientific community as fractured and in disagreement have prompted efforts to quantify the credibility of climate scientists, says Gavin Schmidt
No Frakking Consensus: Who is William R.L. Anderegg?
Could you run that by me, again? The lead author of a paper which purports to assess the achievements and credibility of hundreds of collective years of scientific expertise, that lead author is a climate change student at Standford University?

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