Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Taking The Blinkers Off | Real Science
Our friends have become quite focused on one particular aspect of Arctic ice – the September minimum. The claimed rationale is that it affects the Earth’s energy balance, by reducing albedo.

That argument is very weak – because very little sunshine reaches the Arctic atmosphere in September. Most of that is reflected by clouds, and the light which does get through is mainly reflected off the water surface, due to the high angle of incidence.
By contrast, open water in September makes it easier for longwave radiation to escape from the oceans. So ice loss in September is probably a negative feedback – rather than the positive one which is normally claimed.
Brendan DeMelle | Maldives President Nasheed Installs Solar on Official Residence, Knocks Ignorance of Climate Deniers
I asked President Nasheed what he thought about the criticism lodged by those who deny the science of climate change who often argue that renewable energy sources like solar are too expensive to warrant investment.

Drawing an anology [sic] to his grandfather, whom he said didn’t believe that man had landed on the moon, Nasheed said:
“There is very little we can do for that kind of ignorance, other than consistently trying to tell them that there is no doubt about the science about it.

“You really have to be more intelligent about it. And it’s very difficult for me to be telling the people of the United States, ‘try to have a better grip on knowledge,’” Nasheed said with a chuckle.

“To be going on with the obsolete technology is, in my mind, madness,” Nasheed said.
Blame green madness for these bills | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
Don’t like the bills? Then attack the green policies that produced them.
If Ken Cuccinelli is on a witch hunt then… « Green Hell Blog
… Michael Mann is a witch.

The Washington Post today editorialized that the Virginia attorney general is on a witch hunt. But even the Post is not too thrillled with Mann’s work, labeling it “not unacceptably poor.” At least now we’re all only debating how “poor” Mann’s hockey stick is.

The Post tries to exonerate Mann by claiming that he was cleared by the National Academy of Sciences and his employer, Penn State. Neither claim is true.

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