Sunday, November 14, 2010

End this 'criminal' coal mining greed: Brown
Senator Brown said the rising number of coal mines threatened 63,000 jobs that relied on a healthy Great Barrier Reef.

Wandoan mine alone would increase Australia's global gas emissions by 9 per cent, he said.

"It will do that in an age of global climate change," he said in Brisbane.

"We're in the hottest year in human history ... due to the burning of fossil fuels in this sunny state of Queensland.

"(Queensland) should be leading the world in renewable energy. It is instead leading the world in what (Professor) James Hanson of NASA ... says is criminal behaviour."

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Nonoy Oplas said...

Let Australia drag its economy with expensive and unreliable power sources. Soon rich Chinese and Indians will go there as tourists as their countries grow faster through cheaper power with zero or little effect on the planet's climate.