Sunday, June 26, 2011

Australians rapidly catching up to Americans in climate skepticism | JunkScience Sidebar
There are some interesting features in the results, curiously not explored by the Lowy Institute. The sub demographic claiming to be prepared to pay the equivalent of a coffee and a burger a week in additional electricity charges appear to be composed of those who don’t actually pay electricity charges or earn their living at all. State-supported students and the low/no income demographic have repeatedly been promised overcompensation like this by our Socialist government, i.e., they’ll be given yet more State funds and will make a “profit” and not surprisingly, support action on “climate change” at any cost.
One in three warmists have cooled down | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
After five years of hype about a warming apocalypse, a third of Austrralia’s warmists have checked the temperature and changed their minds
Warmies wilt with their fuzzy logic |
Back in April, the ABC reported on a climate conference in Cairns attended by "600 of Australia's top climate scientists".

Just think about that for a second.

In Australia alone, there are 600 people employed to future-gaze about climate stuff and that's just the top group, leaving out all the middle and lower-ranking climate wonks.

Would Australia notice if half of them lost their jobs?

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