Saturday, July 30, 2011

SunspotGate: Warmist Kevin Trenberth admits in an email that sunspots are an external forcing of our climate system; Romm publishes this admission, then deletes it

Tom Nelson
[After I wrote the post at the link above, a reader pointed out that Romm evidently deleted this interesting paragraph from warmist Kevin Trenberth from Romm's original post] In addition, I find the whole discussion to be out of touch with reality. The external radiative forcing of the climate system is mostly well known and comes from the changes in atmospheric composition (greenhouse gases) and the sun spot cycle etc. The part not so well known is the pollution (aerosol), but that is small. Nearly all of the variations in water vapor and clouds, except for those affected by aerosol, are a response to the weather and climate variations; they are NOT a forcing. This is a major error that continues in Spencer’s work.
The deleted paragraph currently still lives on here and here.


Papa Zu said...

Nice catch Tom! When Romm starts censoring the hockey team it can't be a good sign.

J. Felton said...

Good eye!
When they said they could " redefine peer review", I wonder if Romm thought that meant against each other.

Anonymous said...

Aerosol? So if they deliberately place it in the atmosphere as recommended by the mad unscientsts (I mean U.N Scientists) in the geoengineering scheme stratospheric aerosol geoengineering, how much influence will it have?