Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Australian CO2 swindle: It'll be painful, and involve heavy lifting; it'll also allegedly be painless, and will allegedly result in most households being overcompensated

Today, Australia starts the heavy lifting on climate change
WHAT do you do when the world has a problem that can be solved only by global action - but we have no global government to solve it?
...should we try to shield ourselves from the pain until every other nation we want to compare ourselves with has already started the heavy lifting?
...Start charging people for their carbon emissions, and you instantly get them thinking about how to reduce them. Put an economy-wide price on carbon and everyone has an incentive to find ways to avoid emitting carbon.
For households, Treasury forecasts, there will be very little impact on the prices of most things we buy.
The biggest whack will be on power bills. Treasury says the tax will lift them 10 per cent. That will hurt - just as the 70 per cent rise in Melbourne power bills over the past four years has hurt. If that hasn't changed your use of electricity, the carbon tax probably won't either.

But that's the aim of this tax: not so much to raise revenue, as to drive changes in the way we live. Its goal is for us to find ways of living with less. If Treasury is right, most households will actually be made better off, receiving more compensation than they pay in higher prices.

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gofer said...

This is just all so terriby wrong. It's hard to believe that people can be swindled to such a large degree. People are actually paying for using AIR.

I wish people could understand that AVERAGE temps have no real meaning. I doubt people realize that temperature increases can be realized with a increase on the low end rather than the high.

If there ae educated people who believe this, then they are really ignorant. Just how long would it take enduring cold temperatures before they would admit their mistake?

Two things I thought we never happen...1. politizing the weather and (2) taxing us for using AIR.

Everywhere the word "carbon" is used, subsitute "energy", because that's what is being reduced.

Written by a "carbon-based" lifeform.