Friday, December 30, 2011

Question: Why isn't the media interested in homeless people during Democratic presidencies?

Obama Vacation: War Memorial, Golf, Beach Time - Washington Wire - WSJ

Earlier Thursday, the president hit the beach with his family and took his daughters for shave ice, the Hawaiian version of a snow cone. He has also played several rounds of golf and gone to dinner with friends while getting some down time before heading into a tough re-election fight next year.

Andrzej Jarzabek Dies of Cold on Chicago Street

Chicago - A 43-year-old man found dead on a sidewalk Tuesday afternoon in the Southwest Side Archer Heights neighborhood died in part from cold exposure.

Homelessness Falls Under Bush... Where is the Media? |

Some may remember how the media constantly bemoaned the state of the homeless during the Reagan and H.W. Bush years in office, and how the media constantly used this tale as a club with which to beat those two Republican presidents over the head.

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