Monday, January 02, 2012

New Paper Reveals “Spectacular”, To-Date Unreported Sea Level Connection!

There you have it. Yet another phenomenon that likely drives climate without CO2. Now you understand why I wrote in my last post why the IPCC and the findings of its 2007 AR4 are totally obselete and divergent from reality. The IPCC models are Stone Age. With its focus welded solely on CO2, the IPCC  is out to lunch, out of the ballpark – and on a different planet.

The New Nostradamus of the North: An "anthropological examination of climate change" in Greenland

Neither does Queen Margrethe of Denmark share Ehrlich´s romanticised view of the native Greenlanders. This is what she said during a visit to Greenland last summer:

"You just cannot change the climate, when the climate changes itself. That you must understand."

"There is nothing to be done."

"You just cannot set off with a freezer in order to make new ice on a fjord. That´s how it is."

2012 Global Warming Report Card | Real Science

The massive bulk of evidence indicates that nothing is wrong, and that Hansen, Mann and the rest of the hockey team are not being honest with us.

  • Temperatures are below Hansen’s zero emissions after 2000 Scenario C
  • Global temperatures are declining this century
  • Sea level has been declining for several years, and is lower now than it was in 2003
  • Arctic ice extent and area is the highest for the date since 2005
  • Temperatures in western Greenland last year were the coldest since 1996
  • Temperatures in Antarctica have been declining for 30 years
  • Antarctic ice has been increasing for 30 years
  • Winter snow extent is increasing, and has been near record highs in recent years
  • Temperatures in Texas show no increase since 1895
  • Drought in Australia is at historic lows
  • Drought in the US is well below the mean
  • Severe tornadoes are on the decline in the US
  • US hurricane strikes are on the decline
  • Intense hurricanes are on the decline
  • Polar Bear populations have tripled
  • Yellowstone Grizzly Bear populations have tripled
  • USHCN raw thermometer data shows that the US has been cooling since 1895

Let’s put this scam to bed in 2012. It has nothing to do with science, and everything to do with money and politics.

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