Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Forbes warmist Steve Zwick "sees" what he desperately wants to see: Heartland "spreading dangerous disinformation"; ClimateGate scientists "obsessing over getting things right "

The REAL Climategate: Blog Busts Anti-Science Warchest - Forbes

Last night they uploaded a slew of memos, minutes, and budgets from the Heartland Institute – material that implies Heartland is guilty of doing exactly what it claims climate scientists have been doing for decades: namely spreading dangerous disinformation simply to make a buck.

"Climategate 2.0" Looks More Like Climatefluff 3½ - Forbes

Despite being selectively edited to portray scientists in the worst possible light, the mails actually show them obsessing over getting things right but leery of having their private conversations picked apart by propagandists looking to cherry-pick their statements and distort their views.

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