Tuesday, March 27, 2012

John Kerry's lament: "you can't talk about climate now...People just turn off. It's extraordinary"

Kerry: 'We have lost the notion of responsible capitalism' — The Daily Climate
BOSTON – Massachusetts Democrat Sen. John Kerry, exasperated at what he called "the flat-earth caucus," on Sunday described the frustrations of working on environmental issues in the U.S. Senate.
Even amid the "Tuesday Group" – a bi-partisan bloc of lawmakers, mostly Democrats, who are interested in energy issues – "you can't talk about climate now," Kerry said. "People just turn off. It's extraordinary. Only for national security and jobs will they open their minds."


Anonymous said...

That really gets my goat too. Its like Y2K! Just try to find somebody willing to have a mature dialog on this dangerous threat!!!

Colorado Wellington said...

Nonsense. There are plenty of people who pay attention. That’s your real problem, Senator Kerry, and you know it. They don't turn off but they won't tolerate your pseudo-scientific drivel.

And there is nothing extraordinary about it. Get hold of yourself and start panicking about something else.

Brian G Valentine said...

I was in Baghdad in 2004-2006 and John Kerry visited Embassy Baghdad in 2005.

I remember John Kerry eating in the lunch room all by himself - his remarks implying that military personnel in Iraq essentially had no talent to do anything else with their lives made him about as welcome in Baghdad as a Baathist wearing a suicide belt.

I didn't approach him, but I wanted to as Kerry why he didn't bring along a couple of the 22-year old chix who he populated his yacht with so that he would at least have some company in lonely old Baghdad.

Kerry needs to be swift boated again. Paging Marc Morano ...

Anonymous said...

Awwww...the stratgy of using Teresa's wealth to fund the assualt on fossil fuels and to buy NGO support while John got cap-and-trade in order for them to become even richer isn't working. Poor Heinz/Kerry's! Not to worry the the 57 will keep them in the 1%.

Derfel Cadarn said...

Has this fraudulent POS scaled back his ostentatious lifestyle? The mega carbon foot print of yachts,mega homes,limousines and excessive air travel. I find it difficult to be lectured about how I should do with less from people who piss away more than most of us will ever have. John not only are you a liar,a fraud you are a hypocrite. You have no honor,please just shut up.