Friday, May 25, 2012

The Carbon Sense Coalition » The Impact of Carbon dioxide on Climate Change and Earth’s Plant and Animal Kingdoms

This is a very useful presentation of simple graphs illustrating all aspects of the global warming and carbon demonization scams. Well worth printing in colour for close study:

My @EarthGaugeCA audio interview on Arctic change,...

[Revkin]  My @EarthGaugeCA audio interview on Arctic change, methane, fossil appetites and more.

Going to Tahoe? Take your chains | Road Warrior

It’s Memorial Day weekend; the traditional start of summer vacations.

But if you’re driving to Lake Tahoe, take your chains. Yes, be prepared for snow.

Snow adorns the crown of Kilimanjaro -

TANZANIA (eTN ) - Constituting the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro is slowly building up its snow cover, allaying the fears of prominent scientists who had predicted witnessing the eminence lose its famous white hat. The drifts are slowly thickening on the top point of this summit, giving new hopes to Mount Kilimanjaro environmental watchdogs and tourists that the peak may not lose its beautiful snowy cap, as scientific experts have long been warning.

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