Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wm. Connolley trying to get wiki article for Marcel Leroux deleted. : climateskeptics
After having been banned for this type nonsense he is at it again.
Twitter / billmckibben: Nigerian flood victim: 'God ...
Nigerian flood victim: 'God promised us he would not destroy world with flood again, but I'm starting to have my doubt'
Booker: the carbon tax cometh
Last Wednesday evening, according to BM Reports, we had an interesting energy mix – interesting in that the coal consumption was untypically high for the time of year at over 50 percent. Wind, incidentally, was with only providing 1.3 percent.

This sets the background for the lead piece in Booker's column this week, who warns us that the government has another massive shock in store for us with its weirdly distorted energy policy.

Despite the abnormally high proportion of coal being used to keep our lights on, by next March, we learn, some of our largest coal-fired plants, capable of supplying a fifth of our average power needs, are to be shut down, much earlier than expected, under an EU anti-pollution directive.
'Axing the British Antarctic Survey would mean the end of Scott's legacy' | Environment | The Observer
Cuts to polar research would not only signal the end of scientific discoveries going back to Scott's 1912 expedition but also leave the UK at greater risk of ecological disaster
...The polar regions may be far away, but they have the potential to directly affect us in the UK. A study published earlier this year suggested that the cold winters we have seen recently in the UK and elsewhere may be directly linked to the melting of Arctic sea ice.

More worrying is the west Antarctic ice sheet, which is suspected to be dangerously unstable and which could lead to more than three meters of sea level rise (at an unknown rate) if it collapsed

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