Sunday, October 28, 2012

Will Grant: Skeptics "will be disappearing from the political discourse soon"

Scientific consensus shifts public opinion on climate change
Will J Grant from the Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science at the Australian National University said it was an interesting and useful study.

“We can say people are convinced by the consensus but the big caveat is sceptics and climate change sceptics in particular are never going to be convinced by this,” he said. “They will say science doesn’t work by vote, it’s about facts.”

“Realistically, though, most of those sceptics are of an older generation. We are never going to convince them but they will be disappearing from the political discourse soon.”


Anonymous said...

Hi Tom,

The last person to adopt this meme was ----James Hanson and he is 70 what

Anonymous said...

I hope somebody keeps a tab of the political affiliations of the people who die under Obamacare...

Jim Lakely said...

That story is so ripe for ridicule. I love this quote best:

“[AGW Skeptics] will say science doesn’t work by vote, it’s about facts.”

Yes, because that's how science works — by vote, not by the examination of facts to test hypotheses. Even middle-school students know better than this clown. By this standard, "American Idol" is science! Then there's the survey of 200 pedestrians in Perth ... quite the sample — and I really hope it's not just people pulled off the street in front of the local pub.

So, the take away from this ridiculous study and article is this: If you push the lie that "97% of publishing climate scientists agree that global warming is a direct consequence of the burning of fossil fuels by humans" to random passersby in Perth ... they will tend to believe your lie. Bad science and bad polling gets the results the warmists want. What a surprise!