Saturday, November 10, 2012

1922: Unprecedented Snow And Hurricane Combination! | Real Science

Overheated Atmosphere Caused Superstorm Sandy | Real Science

-105F Wind Chill At The Greenland Meltdown | Real Science

C3: Satellites Determine That Superstorm 'Sandy' Was Not Caused By Global Warming Of The Atmosphere
Per the latest satellite measurements, the public now knows that the hurricane that became Superstorm 'Sandy' was not a result of a CO2-based "global warming" of the atmosphere - actually, the lower atmosphere cooled over the last 15 years
Biggest EVER November snowstorm in Central Park
“Only 6 times since 1868 (144 yrs!) has there been more than 4.6” of snow for entire month of November in Central Park,” says reader Ralph Fato. “2012 has 4.8” already.”

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