Saturday, November 10, 2012

‘Magic’: How New York dried out and fired up its subway system | Grist
For the first two days after the storm, New Yorkers were immobile. But only for two days. What happened next, as the head of one riders’ advocacy group told the Times, “borders on the edge of magic.”
Twitter / GEAustralia: "There will be a global price ...
"There will be a global price on carbon." - John Hewson #CarbonExpo
Twitter / ret_ward: John Constable of the Renewable ...
John Constable of the Renewable Energy Foundation calls for the end of subsidies for wind energy on @BBCr4today but what about fossil fuels?
Twitter / omnologos: Show some nerve and integrity ...
Show some nerve and integrity - talk about the BBC fielding SIX lawyers against one questioning pensioner
Brent Walker: Extra Terrestrial Influences on Natures Risks « Tallbloke's Talkshop
My thanks to Doug Cotton, who has flagged up this paper offering a good overview of the Earth’s solar system environment, and how it is affected by it. Brent Walker is an actuary who is interested in assessing risk posed by nature. He has pulled together much f the material which interests us here at the talkshop into a single, very readable paper, which I recommend.

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