Tuesday, November 20, 2012

28Gate: The Guardian was for FOI before it was against it | Omnologos
Not a peep on The Guardian about 28Gate. How is it possible, a clear-cut human-rights-cum-FOI case involving a lone pensioner and a big bullying Corporation, the Little Guy against the Establishment, Six Lawyers against Man-and-wife…and still, only silence from the esteemend beacon of progressive albeit evidently at least a tad hypocritical thought?
THE HOCKEY SCHTICK: New paper shows N. Atlantic Ocean cooled from 1953-2007
A new paper published in Nature Geoscience finds that the heat content of the North Atlantic Ocean decreased by 0.1×1021  Joules over the 54 year period from 1953 - 2007. The paper is among the first to examine heat content changes along the entire vertical column of the ocean from bottom to surface. The paper adds to several others showing that Trenberth's "missing heat" has not gone to the depths of the ocean, but rather never existed in the first place.
RealClimate: Stronger regional differences due to large-scale atmospheric flow.
Their results imply that while some regions could experience almost zero warming over 50 years, this will be compensated by substantially stronger in other regions
David Cameron's climate pledges 'undermined by rogue Conservatives' | Environment | guardian.co.uk
A "rogue pack" of senior Conservatives is undermining promises made by David Cameron to tackle climate change, the leader of one of Britain's largest green groups said on Tuesday.

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