Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Quadrant Online - Climateers in for their COP
Globe-trotting promoters of the world’s biggest scam meet in Qatar next week. There will be more fear-mongering, hand-wringing, and head-shaking -- but no hand-cuffs. Delegates will be allowed to come and go freely without fear of arrest for inciting public alarm for financial gain, their mission impossible.
Is The Obama Administration's EPA Running Its Own Black-Ops Program? - Investors.com
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, for instance, has reportedly used the name "Richard Windsor" to cover her tracks in private emails.

Federal law prohibits the government from using private emails for official communications unless they are appropriately stored and can be tracked. Because things look suspicious at the EPA, the House Science Committee is investigating the possibility that the agency has conducted business it doesn't want the public to see.
The Seemingly Endless World Of Climate Lies | Real Science
The hockey team just piles on one lie after another about temperature and sea level and hurricanes and tornadoes and snow and ice and everything else. We have entered a new dark age.
USHCN 2.5 Cheating Goes Full Hockey Stick | Real Science
The graph above shows the full year to date adjustments to US temperature data being performed in the new USHCN v2.5 data set. The upwards adjustments for 2012 blow away the previous record. Note the sharp spike upwards since 2007. The total upwards adjustment relative to 1903 is more than two degrees!

NOAA has apparently been tasked with making 2012 the hottest year ever, regardless of the actual temperatures. Kudos to them for throwing out any need for integrity or honesty in reporting temperature data. The planet must be saved from global warming, even if it isn’t warming.

Their graph shows that there have only been three years when Americans knew how to read thermometers (2005-2007) and that since 2007 we have been getting exponentially more incompetent at recording temperatures.

There are no checks and balances in this system, and NOAA knows that they can get away with anything in the current political environment.

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