Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A lack of interest in Doha | Planet3.0
[William Connolley] The meeting is a total waste of time and resources. It is sustained by two things:

- while the meetings continue, the rest of the pol system doesn’t need to much bother think about any of this, and if anyone asks they can say “oh, well, Doha”. So its a great excuse for doing nothing.

- meanwhile, the attendees get to have a good time eating and drinking for free at our expense, while staying in a 5* hotel. So they have every incentive to keep up the farce. Plus, they get to network and look for their next job.
Finally! Proof of global cooling
Warmists always assure us that droughts signal global warming so the big floods in Britain must signify global cooling!
Ancient Polar Bear Remains of the World | polarbearscience
In summary, even within the past 12,000 years, sea ice conditions have been very different than they are today and this has affected where polar bears have been able to live.
1889 Shock News : Climate Change To Bring Three Years Of Terrible Drought | Real Science

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