Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Global climate talks: If at the 17th you don’t succeed | vox
The 18th UN Conference on climate change negotiations has just started in Doha. This column suggests that the probability of success is a mere 2.3%. Recently, over $100 million per year was spent on fruitless negotiations. Having flogged, ever harder for 18 years, the dead horse of legally binding emission targets, the UN should close that chapter and try something new.
The Reference Frame: Martin Rees' center studies 4 worst threats for mankind
In hundreds of articles, this website – and many others – has demonstrated that the idea of a threatening "climate change" is a preposterous delusion believed by the uneducated ones and promoted by the ideologically and financially motivated people who don't really believe what they're saying. What about the other three threats?
The New Nostradamus of the North: Deutsche Welle on the Doha climate "summit"
[2-minute video on the carbon dioxide footprint of Doha] The Deutsche Welle has done some research about the only real result of the Doha climate "summit":
Texas Windpower: Will Negative Pricing Blow Out the Lights? (PTC vs. reliable new capacity) — MasterResource
“It is well known that Texas is undergoing a major challenge in maintaining resource adequacy due to improper price signals; less well known is that a significant portion of the problem can be laid directly on the doorstep of subsidies for wind generation.”
Flannery’s 100 per cent fantasy | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog
So make that a 160-fold increase in windmills…

Solar and wind could even be the cheapest sources of power for retail users by 2030, Flannery trumpeted. As carbon prices rise, he added.

Yes, the greatest half-truth of the climate propagandists. Make real power sources ridiculously, unnecessarily expensive and suddenly wind and solar become “cheap.”

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