Sunday, November 18, 2012

Activists for climate justice join annual 'Tour of the Fireflies' event
The “Global Week of Action for Climate Justice,” organized by the Global Campaign to Demand Climate Justice, of which the PMCJ is a member, is taking place in more than 25 countries and more than 50 cities across five continents (North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America).
Global warming could lead to runaway ice cap meltdown « Summit County Citizens Voice
when significant ice-volume adjustments happen, they are rarely slow.
The study also found that periods of extensive ice-volume reduction/sea-level rise were always characterized by very fast changes, of the order of one or even two meters per century sea-level rise.
...temperatures over Antarctica were leading ice-volume change by up to 700 years
How To Profit From Global Warming - Seeking Alpha
s the earth becomes warmer there are millions of acres in Canada and Russia where the extended growing season is estimated to increase productivity by about 17%. Some areas that were formerly uneconomic for growing will move online as productive farmland. It's a boon to humankind to have this extra agricultural land and increased productivity, especially at this time when many Chinese and Indians are entering the middle class and expecting to buy more and higher quality food. Therefore we need to ask ourselves: who will be in the middle between this vast new wave of raw materials and all of these millions of wealthy new mouths to feed? The answer is the huge food processors listed in the table below.
Child Abuse or FOI bullying – it’s one and the same problem at the BBC | Omnologos
...They are saying a group, as long at it has certain key buttons pressed, is going to be able to avoid scrutiny and behave by most standards very bady in a variety of ways, some worse than others, because of the mixture of the turn a blind eye culture, and what they see as kneejerk reactions of approval to groups within the BBC who are ideologically correct.

So, for instance, Saville touched the charity and the viewing figures buttons. The journalistic bias that the seminar introduced, they are saying, was a total breach of integrity and impartiality, but the turn a blind eye culture allowed it (and defended it in the FOI case) because the hot button of environmentalism and endorsement of CAGW meant that it was generally approved of as a direction. This allowed the implications of the policy for journalistic integrity to avoid notice or intervention.

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