Sunday, November 18, 2012

Can I fly with a clear conscience? | Ethical living | Environment | The Observer
Despite so many unanswered questions, even climate-change protestors seem to fly these days (I note some picked up their boarding passes after the Copenhagen climate change negotiations collapsed. Was this the ultimate display of kick-the-planet frustration?). Unfortunately there is still no such thing as an eco jetsetter.
Chinese street children found dead in dumpster
Police believe they suffocated in the container where they took refuge to try to escape the cold, the report said, adding an investigation was under way.
Professor Kevin Anderson Dangerous Climate Change - YouTube
A lecture by top climate scientist Professor Kevin Anderson explaining we are far beyond dangerous climate change to come and doing nothing about it.
Massive Shale Oil Field Under Santa Barbara | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
According to the EIA, the Monterrey Formation, which covers an enormous chunk of Southern California and terminates near Santa Barbara, has 15.4 billion barrels of recoverable crude — four times as much as the Bakken formation in North Dakota.
Dirty Weather In 1935 | Real Science
Florida was hit by a category 5 hurricane on Labor Day, 1935 which killed more than 500 people. The storm surge was 20 feet high and washed an evacuation train out to sea.
Dirty Weather In 1926 | Real Science
Florida was hit by three hurricanes in 1926, killing hundreds of people. One of the storms was a category 4 major hurricane.
Frightened Ehrlich Has Lived Far Past His Wildest Expectations | Real Science
Ehrlich has lived to be almost 80 in a very pleasant world. Delusional fear has ruined his life and he is now a bitter old man. Perhaps he will do better in his next life.

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