Wednesday, November 28, 2012

AFP: Seas rising 60% faster than UN forecast: study
The new figure converges with a widely-shared opinion that the world is heading for sea-level rise of around a metre (3.25 feet) by century's end, co-author Grant Foster of US firm Tempo Analytics told AFP.

"I would say that a metre of sea level rise by the end of the century is probably close to what you would find if you polled the people who know best," Foster [Tamino] said.
Twitter / RichardTol: #Doha: Sea levels to rise by ...
: Sea levels to rise by more than 1m by 2100 Rahmstorff strikes again with his subpar statistics
Twitter / Roddy_Campbell: @RichardTol on Doha. 'only ...

on Doha. 'only surprise in 2012 .. the World Bank report was prepared by a former director of Greenpeace'

Graham Readfearn | Exclusive: British MP On Climate Committee Advising On Coal Power For $300 An Hour
A BRITISH MP revealed to be holding $400,000 worth of share options in an oil firm while sitting on an influential parliamentary climate change committee is also being paid $300 an hour to advise an Indian company building a coal fired power station, DeSmogBlog has discovered.
Flashback: Al Gore's $100 Million Makeover | Fast Company
Al Gore is a funny guy. And, for his $175,000 speaking fee, he tells this story: after leaving the White House and heading back to Tennessee sans motorcade--"in a rented Ford Taurus," he sniffs...

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