Wednesday, November 28, 2012

They don't make "geniuses" like they used to: San Francisco MacArthur "genius" grant winner Saul Griffith is proud that he can tell us the bad-weather-causing footprint of his underwear

NOVA | A Strict Carbon Diet
[2011] NARRATOR: Saul Griffith is an engineer in San Francisco and a MacArthur "genius" grant winner. He is also a bit excessive when it comes to trying to figure out all the ways in which his life consumes energy.

SAUL GRIFFITH: I really wanted to understand the individual side of climate change. So I quite literally counted the energy used in every single aspect of my life. In some significant sense, I can tell you my carbon footprint right down to my last pair of underwear.

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Anonymous said...

Make them out of old supermarket plastic bags. Do not waste energy washing them and have them made with elastic waist and leg bands to trap and make envromentally friendly use of the methane. Friends will not ask what the strange bulge is because you will not have any. However, beware of spontaneous combustion, which will completely ruin your low carbon footprint.