Wednesday, November 28, 2012

After the wind, rain and floods Britain braces for snow as forecasters predict coldest winter for 100 years - Home News - UK - The Independent
The Department of Health has put out a statement ahead of the cold weather saying: "Low temperatures can be dangerous, especially for the very young or very old or those with chronic disease."
Obama Sends Clear Message To Doha: Forget Climate Hype | The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF)
President Barack Obama signed a bill on Tuesday shielding U.S. airlines from paying for each ton of carbon their planes emit flying into and out of Europe, despite a recent move by Europe to suspend its proposed measure for one year.
No wonder Mann is so angry at Morano! Climate Depot credited with helping ruin Mann's UVA rehire! 'Did climate change controversy cause UVA's sacking of Teresa Sullivan?' | Climate Depot
UK Guardian: 'UVA's dept. of env. sciences attempted in spring of 2012 to rehire Mann...A 4-person search committee unanimously selected Mann; on 10 April, a majority of assembled department faculty affirmedchoice. Two days later, the news was leaked as an 'exclusive' on a website [Climate Depot] devoted to climate-change skepticism and denial. From there, it spread to similar sites, where it produced disbelief and outrage. But Mann never received an offer'
Top British Science Body in Revolt over Global Warming Censorship | johnosullivan
Shock new email revelations show that since 2007 senior members of the UK’s prestigious Institute of Physics (IoP) cynically locked down any debate about man-made global warming. Now seasoned writer, Andrew Montford, draws on hundreds of leaked emails exposing how a clique of Big Green activists hijacked one of Britain’s most venerated institutions to shamelessly promote a one-sided version of the hottest environmental issue.

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