Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Cities in the age of climate consequences: ‘Carbon Zero’, chapter 1 | Grist
our choices come down to two options: a world in which climate change becomes extremely dangerous, or one in which it becomes totally catastrophic.
Doha: a strange place to host a climate-change conference | Environment | The Guardian
Even pouring a glass of water involves hurting a polar bear
Campaigners sue EPA over carbon emissions | Environment |
The first attempt by campaigners since Obama's re-election to compel the agency to use powers to act on climate change
2012 expected to be ninth warmest year on record | Environment |
World Meteorological Organisation data shows average global temperature to date is 14.45C, higher than long-term average [Which peer-reviewed papers tell us is 15 C]
Edmonton should brace for long winter, meteorologists say
Josh Classen, meteorologist at CTV Edmonton, said while none of the temperatures so far this fall are expected to break records, this October was the fourth coldest since 1900, and November hasn’t been this cold since 2006, when average temperatures hovered around -6 degrees.

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mick daniels said...

hey Tom have you done a u turn ? you posts now seem to be supported the myth of unpredented global warming ?